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One of the most asked questions we get here is about our seafood.  Our seafood is local and varies daily with our specials.  We don’t use frozen fish and support in every effort our local shrimping industry which has given this community so much.  Our staples such as grouper can be fished year round, except for twice a year when they close the season. 

What makes the east coast white shrimp so good and why is it becoming so popluar?  First off it is wild caught.  A lot of the imported stuff you can buy has preservatives, etc in it. Please check the back of the box, it should only be shrimp, not chemicals.  There are mainly two seasons for white shrimp  They are spring (April-June) and fall (September-December).  These shrimp are incredible  They tend to be a little sweeter and I feel are the best in the world. 

The next type of shrimp are the brown shrimp and can be caught most of the year.  They have a little salty taste to them with a natural flavor.  If you get a chance while you are downtown stop and talk to a shrimper.  Those guys work hard and care to bring only the best quality to you and your family. 

Our specials vary daily depending on what has been caught.  We start getting calls around 7:30 am so they can let us know what local seafood has come off the boats and what is available.  Our culinary staff spends a lot of time to make sure that we use only the freshest and highest quality seafood we can get in North Florida.  






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