Chef Ricky's Blog - What are grits?


Some of the questions we commonly receive here is "what are grits?" and "what are the differences between polenta, grits and hominy?".  Well let's see.
Grits are a staple here in the South (and my favorite).  Around 3/4 of sales runs from Virginia down to Florida and over to Texas.  One of the biggest difference between polenta and grits is the taste.  They typically come from adifferent corn  With grits you get a more of a corn taste, while polenta is a little bit sweeter and is typically ground a little finer. 
Grits typically use the dent which has a little softer, starchy flavor while the flint side of the kernel has been used in Italy for polenta has a nice almost grainy texture, which adds a lot of contrast.  Hominy is a alkali-treated kernel which can make the hominy grits cook faster. 
If you want grits with a little less corn flavor try white grits.  At Joe's we use an all natural, organic grits for our Shrimp and Grits.  They typically take 2 to 4 hours for us to cook.  One of the keys when making yellow grits is to sure to skim the husk once they come to a simmer.  Don't be afraid to add some cheese and enjoy.  


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