Chef Ricky's Blog - Soft Shell Crabs

Springtime in Florida can mean only one thing: soft shell crabs!

Everything starts anew, including (cough!) pollen season. So much is going on in Fernandina during this time of year, and soft shell crabs make life even better!

This is the time when our blue crabs "molt" and lose their hard winter shells. If you've never had a soft shell crab, the spring is the perfect time to try one. The prime season for fresh, local soft shells usually starts with the first full moon cycle in May and runs through September, depending on water temperatures.

Once they lose their hard shells, the exoskeleton turns soft. When cleaned, the crab can be eaten whole. This delectable treat is usually lightly fried and can be served so many ways--as a po boy, in tacos, over grits or vegetables. The meat has a smooth, sweet, rich and buttery taste.

So when spring rolls around, make sure you come in and see us. Our soft shell crabs are a hit and won't last long!



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